ECO – The Green Zine

the forest from my childhood mainos

This silent comic is one of my works that will be part of ECO – The Green zine, which is a collaborative art project held by me. ECO is a collection of comics, illustrations and information on the subject: The Nature. There are currently 18 artists involved in the project, each have their unique way of approaching the subject: some prefer showing the beauty of the nature as it is, others like to reflect on what does the nature mean to them personally, and the third wants to represent the human impact on the nature and solutions on how we could do better. The project came in to being from frustration of how the acts of individual feels so little when all you hear around you is bad news, each worse than the previous. ECO – The Green Zine won’t save the earth (how great that would be though?) but we want to rise conversations, offer information and most importantly all the profits of the zine will be split between various charities!

You can find ECO – The Green Zine along my other products like Mindy’s Love Boutique from Helsinki Zine Fest 7-8.9! (Zine fest is held along Helsingin Sarjakuvafestivaalit at Suvilahti, and you can find some of our super talented artists who are part of the zine selling their art there too!)

Because ECO’s profits will go to charity please consider being part of the funding by donating to my Ko-Fi! All help, big or small, is welcome!

(Or when purchasing the zine consider buying something else from my booth as well, a sticker maybe 😁?)

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